Second Last Resort

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Does not matter where you are,   it matters when you can say "hello" , "please"  or "thank you" and people can understand.


SLR Overview

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When traveling or living abroad , it is very important to be able to understand and to say a few sentences in the local language. A thank you, gracias, Efgaristo , Grazia Hafna not only will bring you some smiles , but will put you closer to the persons you are spending your time with.  And who knows, it may be the beginning of a great friendship. This is the origin of the Second Last Resort . The libraries and bookshops are full of thousand of language guides , but as the world gets smaller and smaller, and the life goes faster and faster , many times we do not have the time or we just can not be bother to learn too much while jumping from one country to the other. Based on this we just have tried to join in a piece of paper the words that we hear, we like and we enjoy. It is a really difficult task to choose 12 words of a universe as is a language , but so far we managed , or at least we tried to  choose the ones we liked and left many others in the way. If you are here, you are most welcome , and if you look for us , you may find us. if not ...the same, enjoy your trip !